Big Star Cadillac/Hyundai – Koats4Kids Project

November 9th, 2022 by

Volunteers from Big Star Cadillac and Big Star Hyundai partnered with Infinite Hands Initiative- Koats4Kids of Friendswood. We connected with 158 kids at a local community event with the Bridge Over Troubled Waters shelter that had identified families in need. Each child got to select a brand new coat/gloves/hat and socks to prepare for the colder Houston months. The families receiving these items were nothing short of “miles of smiles” for both the kids and their parents/guardians.

“Many thanks to the generosity of team members, management, and customers of Big Star Cadillac and Hyundai that donated new coast, clothing, and cold weather accessories. The recipients will benefit greatly from your efforts”- Chris Premont (Marketing Director)

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